Sunday, June 26, 2011

Excerpt from Return of the Ancient Mariners p179

Kahlinko and Yimantiwinyai gathered the tekwani to guide the people on the prairie. The tekwani who were the talkers and headmen, Kwena’a’kree, Esa’hebesa, Tudatzewuni and Nakae’e’bbooee joined in council with the eight riders of the fabled Nishi utara (people of the clouds) to discuss a plan to get all the people on horses for the long trip ahead. There were plenty of horses for everyone to ride if they could stay on the them.
               These Kusi were wonderful, as they pranced about the camp. They had all the appearances of Kusi the wild creatures they sometimes hunted but these animals were tame. Who would have thought you could ride one? Hardly anyone believed Sulkeya before when he had talked of riding horses. Now all the young men were eager to learn how to ride a Kusi.

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